This map shows the major land owners of Wales. We hope to build on this as we investigate further. Thanks to the initial investigations made by Guy Shrubsole and mapping by Anna Powell-Smith, and Amy Spike Lewis for updating for this website.

Mae’r map hon yn dangos prif tirfeddianwyr Cymru. Gobeithiwn adeiladu ar hyn wrth i ni ddarganfod mwy. Diolch yn fawr i waith ymchwil Guy Shrubsole, mapio gan Anna Powell-Smith, ac i Amy Spike Lewis am ei ddiweddaru go gyfer y wefan hon.

(*Press the top left icon for the map key – Pwyswch y bwtwm ar dop ochor chwith y map am yr allwedd*)

Data sources and attribution:

  • Crown Estate: GIS data supplied following Freedom of Information request. If the Crown Estate contacts us asking for this layer to be taken down, we will do so. An indicative map of land and property owned by the Crown Estate is already public.
  • Ministry of Defence: GIS data extracted from a PDF map released by the Ministry of Defence following a Freedom of Information request. No licensing conditions were provided with the released document.
  • National Trust: GIS data supplied by the National Trust, also published on the NT’s own more detailed Land Map. If the National Trust contacts us asking for this layer to be taken down, we will do so.
  • RSPBGIS data published by RSPB.